New Art is going up!

Posted: 21st March 2015 by JTLazenby in Art Loft Shows, Studio Activity

In preparation for the upcoming Bemis Spring Art Show on March 28th and 29th, 2015; new art is going up this weekend. Bianca Wright’s show “We are Women” went up mid-week, and now the final arrangements are being made inside the Seattle Art Loft #305.

Coca-Cola Forever
Cropped selection of Coca-Cola Forever by JTLazenby

Here is a portion of my latest print “Coca-Cola Forever”. This print has been in my incubator for a long, long time. The image resulted from a 2002 hike in the very most Southwest corner of the state of Utah, where it borders with both Arizona and Nevada. As you look at it there is a glass shard, surrounded by a field of pebbles. As I’ve returned to work on this from time to time, I’m always struck by the complexity of it and the delicate nature of glass translucency. Be sure to come out to the show and see the whole print.

Bemis Spring 2015 Art Show

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March 28-29, Saturday from 12-8pm, Sunday from 12-6pm. Free Admission. Resident Artists open studios. Visiting juried artists. Live music and aerialists.

Sponsored by Somerset Properties, Letterpress Distilling, Henry’s Tavern and E. Smith Mercantile.

Seattle Art Loft #305

Will be showing work by a new member of the Art Posse. Please welcome Bianca Wright, who is completing a degree from the Seattle Art Institute. Her installation “We Are Women” will be along the exterior wall of the studio.

A series of photographs featuring transexual women that tastefully and elegantly illustrate the unique beauty of a body undergoing gender change. To those outside the transgender community, this work will help to demystify transexual women through imagery that shows trans women’s femininity while in their most vulnerable states.” –Bianca Wright

Troy Lazenby, Jessica Martin and Julia Fuentes have installations along the interior of the studio. Bob Antone – one of our regularly featured members is exhibiting in the Juried Show.

Music Performance Sunday: 12pm to 1pm featuring Strong Sun Moon

Bemis Spring Art Show 2014

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Seattle Art Loft #305 will be showing the work of Troy Lazenby, Valerie ‘Lulu’ Roberts, Bob Antone, Laura Williams, Carla SanMartin, Abrahm Moil, Christine Varnedore, Jessica Martin, and Julia Fuentes.

If you’re planning on attending, don’t miss out on the special parking deal.

Over 40 artists will be exhibiting and selling their work on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Bemis Building over the course of the two-day show. Musical performances are scheduled throughout each day in various Lofts. 15 or more lofts will be open and exhibiting resident artists and their special guests including: Beverly Gimlin, Karen Chenkovich, Emma Tupper, Johnathan Houser, Erik Hermansen, Stepanie Parker, Malachi Wolf, Eric Paguio, Fiona Pepe, Ziko Tzolos, Kara Higgins, Donald Rissler, Jeremy Mackie, Bronwen Serna, Troy Lazenby and the Art Posse, Vic DeLeon, Alex Lim, Sean O’Heir, Erica Sciaretta, Kait Rhoads, David Huchthausen, and Richard Royal.


Mary P. Traverse, Stella Christoforou, Orion Misciagna, Ti Locke & Judith Warren, William Hook, Elizabeth Arzani, Karen Mahardy, Edwin Lebel, Maria Teresa Miro Martin, Rebecca Woodhouse, Caitlin Ross, Torrence Gustafson, Joseph Lavely, Kirsten Hixson, Janice Tayler, Tim Beckstrom, Justin Ryan Wilson, Hynju Kim, Christan Leonard, Kelly Douglass, Ben Mc Collum, Wendi Chen, Ken Taya, Junkyu Lee, John Avendano, Jason Tentor, Alan Rushing, Antoaneta Koleva, and 15 open live/work studios by resident artists.


Dates: March 22nd & 23rd
Time: Saturday 12pm – 8pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm
Venue: The Bemis Building
55 S. Atlantic Street
Seattle, WA 98134


Saturday – March 22nd
1PM “Eden Hana” performs in Loft #405
2PM “Echore” performs in Loft #408
3PM “Cynthia Alexander” performs in Loft #406
4PM “Strong Sun Moon” performs in Loft #305
5PM “Antone Family” performs in Loft #313
6PM “The Winterlings” perform in Loft #314
7PM “Dunava” performs in Loft #307

Sunday – March 23rd
1PM “Secret Lee” performs in Loft #305
2PM “Circle of Sound” performs in Loft #414
3PM “Hot Lands Trio” performs in Loft #312
4PM “Gyre” performs in Loft #309

Save the date for the Bemis Spring Art Show

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The Bemis Art Committee will be jurying for the 2014 Spring Show in just a few days. The show dates are set:

Day One: Saturday, March 22nd from 12-8 pm.

Day Two: Sunday, March 23rd from 12-6 pm.

Studio 305 will be open and we’ve arranged to host two acoustic music performances as studio activities. We’ll do an update once we have the schedule. Our own Camelia Jade is once again the music curator, and she is scheduling individual performances in select studios throughout the building.

Bemis Fall Open House 2013

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 This fall show was a different style than most of the previous shows. Due to the availability of some key Art Committee members the show was conducted with an invitational process rather than a juried one.  The past participants of juried shows were contacted on an individual basis and invited to show along with the residents in a more laid back show.  In studio #305 we mounted the walls with our familiar group, and extended it out into the hallway for the two-day exhibit on October 26th and 27th.

Bob Antone also created another in-studio activity with wood carving demos and more drum-making. It made for an interesting and very engaged conversation during the show.

Seattle Art Loft is pleased to host a drum making class taught by Robert Antone and Laura Williams whose artwork is on display in the loft. You can learn how to make either of the 16 inch drums shown in the images below. Materials are elk and deer skin with maple and cedar rings.

The day of class will be on September 21, 2013, 1PM to 5PM at the Bemis building, suite #305. The cost is for material $ 50.00 and can be sent via paypal to either of the addresses  below.
Robert Antone Address:
43324 SE North Bend Way
North Bend, Wa   98045

Spring Salon – Fish Bowl Drawing

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Spring Salon 2013 runs through Saturday, June 1st. 

Our regular hours are Saturday 12-6pm, and First Thursdays 6-9pm.

The Spring Salon Fish Bowl Drawing (on or before 6/6/13) will be for a free print titled ‘The Chieftains Gathered‘ by J. Troy Lazenby. This print is a signed limited edition Original Print. Valued at $150, this framed print is included in the Spring Salon 2013. You can read more about it on the artist’s website or read the details regarding our contest on the Fish Bowl Subscribers Page.

Yes it’s true…. after a year and a half of hard work with Felix Solomon in Bellingham, our river canoe has been steamed!

What is a canoe steaming, you may ask? A canoe log that has been hollowed and carved to shape is filled with water and by using fire and steam the mid section is stretched open to the shape of a traditional canoe.  The water and heat also cures the canoe creating a natural oil sealant on the inside of the wood.  This process takes from 12 to 18 hours and involves ceremony, food, music and people working together.

The style is considered a Salish shovel-nose river canoe.  It is no longer in common use.  80 to 100 years ago this type of vessel was in common usage by Seattle area tribes. Even though Salish in form, our canoe will carry the name “Christina” named after a village in the UKRAINE that my ancestors once lived. (and by the way…ancient Europeans carved similar dug out canoes as well!!)

Laura and I started carving a coast salish shovel nosed river canoe in Nov of 2011.  the log is 25 feet in length and 28 inches wide in diameter.  after steaming the middle stretches out to 28 inches wide in the middle.   Felix Solomon lummi carver and teacher directed the project.

A recent Herald article indicates the regard held for Felix as a traditional Lumi woodcarver in the interview conducted by the Smithsonian Institution.

We also found a nice video of the interview on Vimeo:
Fish Bowl Winner -Thomas Mattausch

Fish Bowl Winner -Thomas Mattausch

At long last, our first Fish Bowl Winner has claimed his prize. Thomas Mattausch received an Original Limited Edition Print “After Life” by J. Troy Lazenby.

This contest was conducted from existing and new subscribers in the database from the Bemis Fall Art Show 2012. To participate in contests and drawings for new art, subscribe via the form in the navigation column. For rules, contests and a preview of art in the drawing, read the Fish Bowl Page.

Dancing Rongorongo Characters - J. Troy Lazenby

Dancing Rongorongo Characters - J. Troy Lazenby

Sunday art shows are a viewing pleasure, for artists and patrons alike. The second day of the Bemis Spring Show saw over 300 more visitors, bringing attendance to the 900 mark.

Troy and Marly Lazenby are pictured above, with a painting of alphabetical characters from the small santiago artifact. Rongorongo is among the rarest of written languages, with only 26 documented artifacts. All of the remaining examples are carved into wood, and one  of these recently visited the Seattle area with the fabulous paintings of Paul Gauguin, “Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise” which was shown at the Seattle Art Museum. This painting, as well as a series of original limited edition prints, were inspired by a recent trip to Easter Island.