Bemis 2017 Spring Art Show Success

Thank You! to everyone who attended and made this year’s Bemis 2017 Spring Art Show such a resounding success. Attendance hit an all time high for the past five years. The bump may be due to the extra media coverage we received from the Seattle Times article: “5 old Seattle buildings now housing cool art spaces“. The Bemis Building was the front-runner in the article which also discussed Tashiro-Kaplan Lofts, Georgetown Art Attack at Equinox Studios, and Ballard ARTWalk at BallardWorks.

New Graphic Designs

Graphic Design Display - Bemis 2017 Spring Art Show

This is the new graphic design display in Seattle Art Loft. For the first time we decided to include graphic design with the fine art and prints we normally offer. The response to this was also higher than expected, no doubt due to the resonance with current events. See these designs plus more on RedBubble, all are available on dozens of different products.

One of the by-products of mixing the two was repeating conversations about how these differ from fine art. During the Bemis 2017 Spring Art Show I found myself saying that the first and most obvious difference for me is the presence of typography or more simply; words. Even the pictograph could be considered a precursor to written language, a device no doubt meant to inspire details of a long-lost but important story. Clearly, my work often seeks out this boundary, exploring the edges of it. This is natural for someone who has spent much of his professional life as a graphic designer. Edges themselves are another clear distinction for me, since square or rectangular boundaries are optional in graphic design. Variety seems to to be another significant departure. A successful graphic designer will have many “styles” and a variety of approaches to technique and palette. The job being to interpret what a client wishes, to make it a reality. Fine art moves much more slowly through transitions in style as visual exploration leads to new things. Galleries ostensibly like familiarity, which allows them to find the niche audience to support a successful sales strategy.

What else is New?

For this Summer I’ve been working on new alliances to expand the reach of Bemis Arts and host a new Art Show that coincides with the Seattle Art Fair from Thursday, August 3rd to Sunday August 6th. We are still getting the ink done, but I’m confident that saving the date to attend our show, in conjunction with the art fair, would be a great plan.