Studio activities may be art shows in the loft, or procedural documentation of the artistic process. Maybe an update on “What’s New” or some new piece of trivia that I’m involved in. Stay tuned and find out or follow me on instagram, where similar tidbits are shared for the masses.

Bemis Spring Art Show 2018

Schedule: Bemis Spring Art Show 2018 This show features over 50 juried artists and 30 resident & visiting artists. There are open studios on each floor. The Bemis Spring Art […]

Long Term Relationship

I’m in a long term relationship with each piece of art I produce. Printmaking is the sort of art that encourages it. Since each print is produced in a limited […]

The Unexpected

New and unexpected directions have opened up in 2017. Last November’s dramatic shift in the political landscape reminded me of similar awakenings in the past. I rediscovered long lost art. I dredged it […]