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Most online activities are earmarked by using my logo as an avatar, so where it is appropriate you’ll find it associated with my activities.

This logo has an interesting history that started with my grandfather. He used his initials J+T+L to form a similar configuration by placing the vertical stroke of each letter on top of each other and blending them into a single form. He used it as a personal brand to mark livestock. Since my name intentionally has the same initials I’ve continued the tradition in his honor.


Contact Info: 206-417-9972
ArtLoft Hours: M-F 10am-2pm

Call to make appointments to see the art in person at other times, or see the in-studio art show announcements for additional special open hours.

Seattle Art Loft #305a
55 South Atlantic Street,
Seattle, WA 98134

Get directions to the loft by following this link.

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RedBubble.com is licensed to sell post cards.

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