It’s Not What It Seems

It's Not What It Seems

This graphic design “It’s Not What It Seems” is a revival of an image inspired by Reagan era politics, when I realized for the first time that we don’t truly have a democracy, ours at the time was a federal republic. The distinction means that the Presidency is not voted for directly by citizens, but an ‘electoral college’ and each state determines the rules under which they vote. It also means that citizens voting in less populous states wield a higher voting authority than those in highly populated states. Does that sound fair or democratic?

Reagan was the first entertainment personality  chosen to lead the country. He also invented Trickle-Down or Voodoo Economics which eventually lead us to the Oligarchy we suffer under today. This time we are to be lead by a completely unqualified person who is apparently suffering from megalomania. At any rate, given the current situation, I thought it was important to dig this design out of the archives.

I would choose democracy for my fellow citizens, and toward that end I choose political parody to help stimulate our ability to ask questions. I would choose to eliminate the electoral college altogether but that would require a constitutional congress. As a second option we could at least have each state refine the way electoral votes are allocated, to assign a percentage equal to that state’s popular vote. This would still mean that small less populated states votes count more than densely populated states, but it would be better than the current system where some states allow ‘winner take all’ which creates a serious imbalance compared with the popular vote.

The original image was a 17 x 17 collage and mixed media design featuring the words “It’s Not What It Seems” stenciled across the other design elements: Star Stickers, and silkscreened paper cut with exacto blades using a method called intarsia. I knew when I created it that the dyes used to stencil the words would not be permanent. Dyes generally tend to fade with exposure to any light source, the one I used was a vegetable dye so today that wording on the original is quite faded.

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