Red Dawn

Red Dawn

Red Dawn, January 20, 2017. This political parody blends the concepts of two movies: ‘Manchurian Candidate’ & ‘Red Dawn’ with Trump’s inauguration date. In 1962 the former title portrayed infiltration by a brainwashed Presidential Candidate. In 1984 the later title portrayed a Soviet invasion.  Our 45th president will be an Oligarch brought to power by the intervention of The Russian Federation, so I used the U.S. Flag and removed the state stars, then overlaid the Russian coat-of-arms which is used as the insignia or emblem of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a visual transliteration of events.

The inaugural date for our 45th President Donald J. Trump is commemorated in this design as the day we no longer recognize what the United States has become. Trump continually signals love and admiration for his Master Vladimir Putin. Trump continually denies that the Russian state interfered with the U.S. election. He also interestingly denies his campaign promises while making cabinet decisions that place the strongest opponent of each in the primary position of control. Cogent individuals will recognize that his intent is to destroy rather than lead these departments. His selections are also frequently other very wealthy individuals. The white-working class will soon realize that all he is doing is taking profit and spreading it among his cronies.

I anticipate that he will wreak havoc on the economy, then start a war to stimulate the economy he ravaged. I expect he will break with our traditional support and leadership role with the UN, NATO, the Geneva Convention, and all Climate Accords. Our last best chance to mitigate human influence on our atmosphere will evaporate along with water supplies. Expect more fracking, more drilling, more pollution and less concern for the consequences. Will he have the audacity to sell public lands outright or just allow drilling and mining in national parks?

He will find and fire anyone who contradicts his positions including climate scientists, economists, regulators and intelligence operators and agents. He will privatize Social Security, the Veteran’s Administration, and NASA. He will gut Medicare and repeal the ACA without a replacement.

America, you will now have the government you deserve.

Earth, I regret we could not save you.

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